Sailing Venues

Our primary sailing venue is Colwick Park. This is a public park and the club are grateful to Nottingham City Council for allowing access by vehicle. This is a considerable convenience for our members, but it is important that all members demonstrate thought and consideration to other park users and comply with the traffic regulations that relate to the park.

The club's  original sailing venue was Highfields Lake in the University Park, but in recent years access has become an increasing problem for various reasons, and a sailing venue without access is of limited use to a model boat club. This venue is currently closed to members and we will keep you posted if things change.

Colwick Park

Colwick is a large ex gravel pit next to the River Trent. As a larger lake run by the Nottingham City Council we share the facility with other water users but we do have our own sailing area.  Colwick is a large lake suitable for yachts and larger models including fast electric and fast IC boats.

Access into the Park is from the A612 onto Mile End Road and then onto River Road. Our launch area is at the South West end of the main lake. 

There is convenient vehicular access to a large car park next to the launch area but access to the Park is limited to members with a key to open the gate to the Park. Keys are restricted to regular sailing members but contact details are available for other members who want to sail. 

The launch area is a wide area of hard standing next to the water and close to the water level so launch and retrieval of our models is convenient and simple.

The Park is open 365 days but our regular sailing days are Wednesday and Sunday. On these days there will generally be someone on the gate at 10.30 to let members without a key into the Park otherwise phone Alan Horne on 07969 538626

On any day members without a gate key can sail from the jetty next to the entrance hut.

A WhatsApp group has been set up to enable members to liaise with each other and meet up. The co-ordinator for the Colwick group is Alan Horne, 07969 538626.  Make contact with Alan if you want to be part of the group.

Access into the park is from the A612, Nottingham to Burton Joyce road, onto Mile End Road and then River Road.

The car park is accessed by driving around the park, taking the right fork just after the children's playground and after 100yds turning right into the parking area.

We share the venue with the public and other water users. The club ask that you drive slowly and show thought and consideration to other park users and be especially aware of both playing children and dogs not on leads.